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Picture This: My Rights Over Yours

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Mmmmmmm…. I absolutely adore pictures, my dear ones.

Well, most of them.

So many of my friends and servants to my Master are seduced by single photographs, even addicted to them, to the point where some of them act out in our favor in real life… just because of a picture or two.  It’s so easy!

I have the pleasure of using many photographers for my work.  I want to let you in on some of my personal favorites as far as photos go:  anorexic models (aka clothes hangers) to convince young girls that they need to starve themselves to be beautiful, Hollywood stars with fake everything to convince women that they need to have certain perfect measurements to measure up, and child porn, hetero porn, gay porn… I love porn!  (Can you tell?)  Just with the click of a button, so many can experience pleasure…

But there is one photographer I am not happy with today.

In a story found here, this photographer refused to provide her services to a lesbian couple, and is now, thankfully, being sued.  I quote: “According to the court’s verdict, the trouble began for Elane Photography when the company was contacted by lesbian Vanessa Willock asking if they could photograph a ‘commitment ceremony’ for a Willock and her ‘partner.’ The company, owned by Christian couple Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin, responded stating that they only shoot traditional weddings, and do not do ‘same-sex weddings,’ but thanked Willock for her interest.”

Excuse me… where does this Christian (bleeecccchhhh!) get off trying to exert her First Amendment rights to photograph whom SHE wants to?

I completely support the lesbian couple for their lawsuit to take away the rights of Christians and their businesses to do business according to their beliefs.  I like the fact that they are bullying the Christians.  Good for them!  In fact, I think they should bully other religious persuasions as well.  You go, girls!

I hate the stupid First Amendment.  After all, what matters is that whoever has the loudest mouth, the biggest guns, the most power, and the most money, is the one who gets to rule.

That way, I and my Master get to rule, too.

Hm hm hm hm hm…. 😉

Always yours,



If I had a daughter, she would look like Julia

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By Jove, I think they’ve got it, those Americans.  That is, of course, if America’s own Julius Obama can successfully convince 1 or 2 more percent of the remaining 51% of free Americans of the benefits of Father Government.

Father Government, you ask?

Yes, as in Our Father, who art in Washington . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, the Obama administration is so over the top that I’m concerned that at any time the 51% of holdouts to complete government dominance will finally wake up and shout STOP!

Oh, but they must be dulled to sleep by the complacency freedom breeds.

For those who are wondering what “Julia” has to do with any of this, let me enlighten you.

“The Life of Julia” is, as Rich Lowry states, “the Obama reelection team’s cartoon chronicle of a fictional woman who is dependent on government at every step of her life.”

And a beautiful thing it is.

Thy government come, thy will be done in my life as it is in Washington . . .

With Julia, Obama reveals a vision for a nation of helpless women who depend on a benevolent government for everything, literally from cradle-to-grave.  This woman Julia, incidentally, has no father, husband, or, apparently, any family, except for her fatherless child.

Give me this day my daily bread, as well as my daily birth control and lots of other free stuff . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Dana Loesch, a writer over at Big Government, said it best after chronicling in detail why Julia is straight out of my kingdom dreams:

As a woman, the idea that I can’t accomplish anything in life unless a male in government plans it out for me is offensive. It’s amazing to me how progressives reject the oversight of the Divine and the gift of free will but embrace the oppressive oversight of flawed men who reject free will. Men, too, should be offended at their lack of representation in the life of Julia–the white, faceless female stereotype that the Obama administration sees as the average female voter.

And forgive my self-control as I forgive those who exercise self-control over me . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha.

How right Ms. Loesch is.

It’s a good thing the 51% are dulled.

And lead us not into the temptation of freedom, but deliver us to evil . . .

If I had a daughter, she would look just like Julia.  Faceless and dependent upon government for everything.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

For mine is the kingdom, the power, and the gory almost forever and ever . .


Obama: Now I will pay for your sin

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Oh, I just might be able to retire, my friends.  Yes, retirement really never was on my mind for thousands of years, but this past week’s events in the United States [the last bastion of freedom in the world] has made me re-think my short term plans.  (My long term plans were set long ago, unfortunately.)

You see, my servants, the Obama administration has put my agenda on warp speed in forcing my will on earth as it is in Hell.

But even I had no idea that those Americans would ever reach a place where large numbers would reject a Savior’s payment for past sinful pleasures, and instead demand that a goverment pay for future sinful pleasures.

Payment for sin is exactly what the Obama administration demands in its new policies demanding that all employers, including those having a Biblically informed religious conscience, pay for the sin of its employees.

Imagine: a formerly Christian nation in which God’s remaining people are literally forced to pay for the sins of mine!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s a beautiful thing, my friends.  Can it get any better?

Well, yes, it can.

Let me explain.  I was just beaming this week, my friends, when at the National Prayer Breakfast (the what????) I saw my Self-righteous Servant Obama demand not only that taxes from the righteous should pay for the sin of heathens, but that his policy “as a Christian,” “coincides with Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.’ ”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seriously, now, my friends.  Do you know what I do to deceive people?

Yes, you do.  I misquote scripture, use scripture for nefarious purposes, and generally cause mass confusion and deception by picking and choosing among various scripture passages as proof texts.

Do you know how Obama deceives people?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Obama went on to emulate me by misquoting the “Golden Rule” this way, as reported at

“And I believe in God’s command to love thy neighbor as thyself. I know a version of that golden rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs.”

My friends, this is not the Golden Rule.

But who knows?

Apparently very few.  And when few know scripture, anyone can use scripture for ungodly purposes.

You see, unlike Obama, my misquoting of scripture was met with a swift and certain “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

But who will stand up to Obama?

No, really, who?

Obama has mangled the Golden Rule in the past, and you can read over at the Ye Have Heard blog here.  Note Obama’s “subtle” but “significant” mangling of the Golden Rule as “treating others as they would treat me.”  (In reality, there was nothing subtle about it; the fact is Obama is scripture-illiterate and didn’t have a clue what he was saying.)  As noted by a reader:

The most succinct statement of the Golden Rule in the Bible is Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

There is a subtle, but rather significant, difference between saying “[I treat] others the way they would treat me” and “[I treat] others the way I would want them to treat me.”

But no matter; Obama believes that holy scripture is part of his playground for social and political engineering.  And to make matters better, his shameless select-a-scripture has revealed two great advances of my kingdom on earth.

First, I was thrilled by how much of the ensuing noise, smoke, and diatribification was directed at a “woman’s right to health care.”  For example, the always reliable Huffington Post ran a gem entitled “Students at Catholic Colleges Protest Lack of Access to Birth Control.”  The article summarizes an 18-year old student, Keely Monroe’s, life at Fordham University as:

Single, 18-year-old female, likes having control over her own body, looking for affordable birth control.

Yes, this is just an example of the genre of medianoisemachiniszation that framed the argument as “no insurance payment for birth control = robbing women of control,” i.e., taking away women’s control over their bodies.  That is, Ms. Keely believes that the good citizens of the United States should pay for her sinful bodily choices (which she apparently can’t control), and, if they refuse, she accuses them of robbing her of her bodily control.  Another student, Sandra Fluke went as far as to say that women enrolling in Catholic universities merely “expected women to be treated equally, to have their medical needs met.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Where are the sane Americans?

Where is someone to stand up and tell Ms. Keely and Ms. Sandra to stop begging for someone else’s money and control their own friggin’ bodies or go pay for their own damn birth control?

But already too many people agree with Ms. Keely and Ms. Sandra (and Mr. Obama) that it is the place of government to offer everything to everyone for free, including payment for sin.

Oh, I smell retirement now.

The second advance in my kingdom’s goals was revealed in a Daily Caller article on this topic, with the enlightening title, Southern  Baptist Convention’s Richard Land: ‘How dumb does [Obama] think we  are?’  Mr. Land’s question came after Obama, showing he really is my servant, offered an “adjustment” to the mandate that righteous people pay for the sins of others by shifting payment obligations from employers to insurance companies.

But the delightful question answers itself.

Obama does believe you are dumb.

And he has good reason.

Because, think about it, my servants, who can stop him?

Really, who can stop him?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Who can stop me?

Retirement, here I come!

My Will Be Done in the Bronx

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What do you think of when you think of “the Bronx”, my servants?  For those in America I hope you thought first of the word “crime.”  Because I have for years made Bronx, New York, affectionately called “the” Bronx, a center of my will on earth, complete with crime, death and destruction. And I want to keep it that way. Hopefully my good servants in the American court system will help.

I will explain, but first a lesson in my success at wreaking havoc among lives on earth.

I will illustrate my greatness by comparing the Bronx to its big brother, New York City, which is no Garden of Eden.  Did you know that, according to, there were 166 crimes per square mile in New York City last year?  Guess how many there were in the Bronx? Wrong. There were 1117.  The national average in the US is 41.8.

I’m good.  I’m really good.

In New York City your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 248.  Not bad; I’m trying to get that up.  But in the meantime, I have my will in overdrive in the Bronx, where your chances are 1 in 104. Please, visit the Bronx, my friends.  And marvel at my greatness in bringing wanton evil to bear on innocent (and not so innocent) creations of God.

Enough with the good news, my friends; I’m disturbed.

Why am I disturbed, you ask?

I’ll tell you. I read a AP article entitled, Tiny church in NYC awaiting Supreme Court decision, and thought to myself, what is a church, tiny or not, doing in the New York City?  Then, to my horror, I read that this church is actually in the Bronx! A church in the Bronx???? How can this be? Fortunately, my good servants, I’m on the job through my good friends of the New York Civil Liberties Union who are dutifully trying to shut down these rogue Godpunks.


Because these peace-loving, life-changing, scoflaws are clearly ignorant of the great American Constitution and are meeting, of all places, on weekends in a public school! And in America any group can meet in public school facilities except Christians.  When a Christian group rents public school space it is automatically and unquestionably an establishment of religion by the United States government.

Because the Americans have lost their minds on the “separation of church and state” issue.  I have so totally screwed up Americans’ minds on this that most people in the public sphere really believe that the mighty US Constitution, secured in place by unapologetic Christians who regularly worshipped in public places, now forbids unapologetic Christians from worshipping in public places. Yes, my good friends, this little band of selfless Christians trying to bring a glimmer of hope into my Hell on Earth called the Bronx, will be shut down if I can have my way.

And I will; my legal slave-servants working through the American court system are on the job. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time, and I will have the Bronx all to myself. Again.

And the beat goes on.

I wish Christians would just stay in church buildings

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Home churches.

You know, I’m sure, that I hate homes.  And you know that I hate churches (at least churches of people who worship the true God).  So can you imagine my horror at the prospect of a church in someone’s home?


It took me almost 300 years, my servants, to push churches of Godpunk Jesus worshippers out of homes and into special buildings called “churches.”  I successfully moved large numbers of people from a personal setting into impersonal buildings and effectively changed the meaning of the term “church” from an assembly of people into the name of a special-purpose building.

I’m good, I know.

No, really, I know.

But, my servants, as you may know, the phenomena of “home churches” has had something of a resurgence over the last couple of decades.  In China, in Africa, even in the United States of Pervertia, it seems that people who love God instead of me are rediscovering the power of small meetings close to friends and neighbors.

And I don’t like it.

Which is why, my servants, I was delighted to read in today’s news out of Los Angeles (those what???) a story that chilled my heartless being.  In a story entitled, OC Couple Threatened With $500-Per-Meeting Fines for Home Bible Study, I read about my servants on earth doing my will on earth: stopping home churches.

For my non-American friends, “OC” is “Orange County” which is where Los Angeles, the city of my angels, is located.  And get this, those Godpunk scoflaws, by the names of Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, live in San Juan Capistrano, which according to the news story:

. . . was founded as a mission in the late 1700s by Catholic priest Junipero Serra, who established a local chapel that remains the oldest standing building in California.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I love it!

I’m winning!

City officials already fined the Fromm’s  $300 earlier this month for holding what the city officials called “a regular gathering of more than three people.”

Three people?  Hmmm.  I wonder where they got that number from?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

They should make it two people, because wherever two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name . . .

I’ll work on that.

For now, my servants, be assured that I am diligently working through those who do my will on earth to shut down these insidious gatherings. 

And do you know why?

Of course you do, but let me tell you anyway.

Because small gatherings of God lovers, intent on loving those around them, accepting those unlike them, and ministering to those in need, have the potential to rip my kingdom apart.

I don’t like big churches of large numbers of people.  Because honestly, most of those have little impact on my kingdom.  But these little guerrilla groups of committed Christians embedded in neighborhoods like little cells of praying and doing kingdom destroyers?

Those I must stop.

Fortunately, I have my little helpers in the form of “city officials” who I can call on to enforce my will.

And no one can stop them ultimately, because I’m turning cities and officials across the globe to do my will on earth.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Declaration of Dependence

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Today my American servants celebrate Independence Day, my friends.  On this day in 1776 the early Americans who were subject to King George of England signed the Declaration of Independence.  Declaring in writing their right and duty to “throw off absolute despotism,” those Yankees did just that.

And they did it in style.

A style that had me very worried, my servants.  Why?  Because I saw clearly that the very underpinnings of the American experiment relied heavily on God and his principles on earth. 

And by “God” I don’t mean America’s present notion of God.  Those early Americans meant God, the real God, the living God, the God who is God by nature, self existing, eternal, transcendent, and to whom every human being must give account.

That God.


In the very first sentence of this Declaration, we read about the nature of people, and the “separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them.”

Nature’s God?  Is this really in an official United States of America document?  And penned by the same dude that first wrote “separation of church and state” in an unofficial letter to a friend?

Yes, my servants.  Now you know why I was worried.  A very public God illuminated the thinking in that document, and it got worse.  You know the next phrase, the second sentence of the Declaration which split open the very nether regions of Hell before ringing throughout eternity:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What can I say?  Those early American rebels relied on an eternal truth.  A truth memorialized in writing; a writing setting out the basis for independence; and an independence that threatened my very existence in the New World.

What was I to do?  That first Fourth of July reminded me of a more eternal and permanent independence available to all. 

I knew that if men were free to hear the gospel they would hear of the one who is the way, the truth, and the life.


I knew that if men could hear truth the truth would set them free.


I knew that if men yielded to the voice of the only one who is truly and absolutely independent, that no one could steal their joy.

Pursuit of happiness!

My only option was to pervert independence, my servants.  I knew that I must make independence absolute in the eyes of men, so that they chaffed under absolute moral authority and accepted a false independence: independence from one perceived as an absolute despot–God.

Men rejected God as a moral despot, and in so doing traded true independence for a corrosive dependence that manifests as moral relativism; toleration in which every man does what is right in his own eyes.

Abortion is wrong?  Who says?

Homosexuality is wrong?  Who says?

Adultery is wrong?  Who says?

Stealing from another by letting the government take from the working to give to the idle is wrong?  Who says?

Denying God’s proper place in public discourse is wrong?  Who says?

Cursing God and using his name in vain is wrong?  Who says?

You get the idea, my servants.  And my plan worked perfectly.  My American servants have almost completely thrown off that easy yoke of God-honoring, authority-recognizing, publicly visible cultural discourse.

And instead they have taken another yoke.  And do you know whose it is?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

You got it!  Because almost everyone is necessarily under authority in morals and discourse.  And when you throw off the authority of God, you are left with the authority of men, which is to say, l’autorité de moi!

And my work is almost complete.  Rather than celebrate a right relationship with God, Americans today act embarrassed about God, treating him like a crazy uncle who is best ignored in private and never spoken of in public.

Imagine, if an American public official penned the Declaration of Independence today he or she would be sued by multiple of my servants for breaching that secularisticly sacred wall of separation of church and state.  God can no longer be mentioned in American public by any government official.

Go ahead, imagine!  (It’s easy if you try.)

The net result, my friends, is that the Americans are slowly sinking into a morass of dependence on a usurping authority, a false independence which manifests itself as an unhealthy dependence on government, a misplaced hope in men, and a surprising new appetite for the despotism of freedom-killing security.

So today, my American servants, I hope you don’t rethink your so-called “independence.”  For while you may be independent from other countries politically, by rejecting the very basis for that independence you ironically daily become more dependent on notions that form the very basis for my kingdom.

After all, I am the ultimate despot and I hold men back from the ultimate liberty, a liberty in Christ.

So today, why not formally declare your dependence on me?  Go out and celebrate Dependence Day, as is fitting under the circumstance.

Oh, and don’t forget to stick around for my fireworks!

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