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Aurora, Colorado. Testing my long term plan for America.

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Surely by now, my friends, you have had time to reflect on what, but for God’s (blechhh!) grace to the graceless left (in both senses of the word) in America, would be normal: the killing of innocent big people.  Yes, those twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen) big people were in the wrong place at the wrong time; and, yes, they did not deserve to die; and, yes, their killer acted with the full intention of killing as many as he could.  And yes, my servants, I am ultimately to blame.

Some of you fret–even my Temptress dared to question my judgment on this.  But fear much, my servants, I may not be the smartest being in the universe, but I do have a plan.  At the risk of divulging kingdom secrets, I’ll tell you what it is.

You must promise to keep this confidential.  Look around.  Is anyone we can’t trust in the room?  If so, casually switch back to email or something until they leave.


OK.  My faithful readers know that I have particular designs on America.  America was truly the land of the free and the home of the brave for generations.

America was founded on a Biblical ethos that produced the most solid, grounded, morally upright people on the planet.  Even the millions who claimed to not believe in God grew up in a cultural sea of moral right and wrong.  Traditional, cultural institutions of the land continually reinforced inner moral compasses by instilling Biblically grounded values.

Of course, we cannot have that, can we, Temptress and friends?


So what was I to do?

I had to systematically remove the collective conscience of a moral people.  I had to slowly transform a generally moral society into a society that values “toleration” and hates “judgment.”  I had to remove from America what made America great: its underlying sense of a transcendent right and wrong based in a person to whom somehow and in some way everyone was ultimately responsible.

And this is just what I did.

Consider: do you think James Holmes ever prayed in a public school?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever heard the name of God in public except to be ridiculed or treated as a throw back believed only by the morally weak and naive?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes was ever in a Christmas play?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever heard the name of Jesus Christ in public except to be used as in vain?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes was ever taught anything in public school except that he was an accidental product of blind nature?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever saw a TV show or a movie where the subject of religion and/or God was treated with reverence?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you think James Holmes ever saw a court of law uphold God’s law in the area of sexual expression?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Do you get it, my servants?

James Holmes is the natural, predictable product of a post-modern, post-Christian, and post-Constitutional America!

The only wonder (and I do wonder) is why there are not innumerably more James Holmses!

James Holmes kills twelve big people and it’s treated as a tragedyTwelve big people in the wrong place at the wrong time; twelve big people who did not deserve to die; killed by a killer acting with the full intention of killing as many as he could.

Hmmm . . . sounds a lot like abortion when I put it that way.

But in that theater it was only big people.

But twelve is considered a big number because it’s still considered wrong to kill big people.

I’ll fix that soon, my friends.  But let me illustrate my genius.

I use killings like those in Aurora, Colorado to test my system, to check if my plan is working out.

And it is.

In all the hand wringing and soul-searching in the media, did you hear one person suggest that America needs to get back on the right moral track?

Did you hear one person suggest that we, as a society, need to get back to moral basics so that we can grow better men?

Grow better men???

Fundamentally different men, with a proper understanding of God’s moral law?

A generation of men who are taught that they are created equal and live under a God who sees all and holds all men responsible?

A land of men who know right from wrong, with toleration and judgment excercised in proper balance?

Such notions sound foreign, don’t they?

That’s my genius, my friends.  Give me credit.

Instead of considering the true reasons for the James Holmses of the land, the Americans started immediately crying about “gun control.”

My friends, let the Americans focus on gun control.  What they are blind to is that guns are merely a tool in the hands of a man raised to do my will on earth because he knows no better.

What Americans should be focusing on is growing better men.

But that’s impossible without God.

So I win, my friends.

I win.

Don’t I?


Neither godless nor Godless

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I love the news today, my friends.  I read in The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room about a “secular coalition” of voters in the USA called, of course, The Secular Coalition for America, who plan on flooding Capitol Hill with ‘godless voters’.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hey, my idiots at the secular coalition, Capitol Hill is already flooded with voters who ignore God.  So what is it you are trying to do?  Screw things up?

Oh, the confusion I sow.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at the inanity of people who swallow my lies on earth.

This time, according to The Hill’s article,

The Secular Coalition for America, a lobbying organization for “atheists, humanists and freethinkers,” will “flood Capitol Hill with godless voters to lobby Representatives,” according to a press release from the group.

Now I find this entire effort quite amusing.  Watching those I deceive act out my deception is one of my greatest pleasures.  Consider first: atheists and humanists are by definition not free thinkers.  They are not free to consider if God exists or not, are they?  As I’ve said before, atheists are free thinkers like prisoners are free walkers — they are free to walk about in their assumption-barred mind-cells.

Walk on, my atheist friends.  There is a time when you will be a truly free thinker.   Soon you will be an irredeemable theist, just like everyone else in Hell.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

But my greater amusement comes from knowing many on earth consider themselves “godless”.  This is wrong on at least two levels.  Let me explain.

First, a human on earth can no more be Godless (as opposed to godless) than he or she can be Sunless.  God is there whether you acknowledge it or not, just as the Sun is still there even when it’s dark, and even if you shut yourself up in an enclosed room stuffing rags in every crack light seeps through.

God is.  Remember that.

Nothing else in the universe “is” in itself, pure existence, uncreated and eternal.  God can no more be “isn’t” than light can be dark.

It is impossible.

And it’s impossible for anyone on earth to be Godless.

But I like the thought.

Second, to the point of my deceived ones ready to descend on Washington DC, these people are not only not “Godless,” they are also not “godless”.

In fact, their god is their belly.  They live to please themselves, and every activity of their life, including “flooding Capitol Hill” is aimed at pleasing themselves.

It’s a beautiful sight.

I love watching the mass of humanity.  Thinking themselves godless and wishing themselves Godless, they are actually neither.

Vote on, you wretchedly deceived “godless” voters.

I do have one major concern, however.  I read in The Hill article that in 2011, these lobbying efforts “drew 80 people who participated …”


Is that all?

Only 80 people showed up out of the greatest nation of atheistic, secular, Godhating, religion-bashing, evolution-loving Americans?


Oh, this is embarrassing.

Someone please fix this.


Don’t embarrass me again.

HT: Weasel Zippers, who very cleverly commented on the title of The Hill’s blog (“Secular Coalition To Flood Capitol Hill With “Godless Voters”) with this insight: “Otherwise known as Democrats.”  Nice.  Very nice.

I wish Christians would just stay in church buildings

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Home churches.

You know, I’m sure, that I hate homes.  And you know that I hate churches (at least churches of people who worship the true God).  So can you imagine my horror at the prospect of a church in someone’s home?


It took me almost 300 years, my servants, to push churches of Godpunk Jesus worshippers out of homes and into special buildings called “churches.”  I successfully moved large numbers of people from a personal setting into impersonal buildings and effectively changed the meaning of the term “church” from an assembly of people into the name of a special-purpose building.

I’m good, I know.

No, really, I know.

But, my servants, as you may know, the phenomena of “home churches” has had something of a resurgence over the last couple of decades.  In China, in Africa, even in the United States of Pervertia, it seems that people who love God instead of me are rediscovering the power of small meetings close to friends and neighbors.

And I don’t like it.

Which is why, my servants, I was delighted to read in today’s news out of Los Angeles (those what???) a story that chilled my heartless being.  In a story entitled, OC Couple Threatened With $500-Per-Meeting Fines for Home Bible Study, I read about my servants on earth doing my will on earth: stopping home churches.

For my non-American friends, “OC” is “Orange County” which is where Los Angeles, the city of my angels, is located.  And get this, those Godpunk scoflaws, by the names of Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, live in San Juan Capistrano, which according to the news story:

. . . was founded as a mission in the late 1700s by Catholic priest Junipero Serra, who established a local chapel that remains the oldest standing building in California.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I love it!

I’m winning!

City officials already fined the Fromm’s  $300 earlier this month for holding what the city officials called “a regular gathering of more than three people.”

Three people?  Hmmm.  I wonder where they got that number from?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

They should make it two people, because wherever two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name . . .

I’ll work on that.

For now, my servants, be assured that I am diligently working through those who do my will on earth to shut down these insidious gatherings. 

And do you know why?

Of course you do, but let me tell you anyway.

Because small gatherings of God lovers, intent on loving those around them, accepting those unlike them, and ministering to those in need, have the potential to rip my kingdom apart.

I don’t like big churches of large numbers of people.  Because honestly, most of those have little impact on my kingdom.  But these little guerrilla groups of committed Christians embedded in neighborhoods like little cells of praying and doing kingdom destroyers?

Those I must stop.

Fortunately, I have my little helpers in the form of “city officials” who I can call on to enforce my will.

And no one can stop them ultimately, because I’m turning cities and officials across the globe to do my will on earth.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Secular gnostics: invincibly (and wonderfully) ignorant

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Are there still gnostics today?  Do gnostics still speak today?  Do gnostics get any attention?  Any press?  Do you know, my servants, even what a gnostic is? 

No, no.  You are thinking of an agnostic, which is a person who dwells in the realm of cowards, religiously speaking.

No, a gnostic is one who claims to have personal knowledge of otherwise unverifiable truth.  As one privileged to have such self-knowledge, gnostics generally hold their personal “knowledge of the heart” over those less enlightened. 

And the beauty of a gnostic?  No one can challenge the gnosis because it is personal, and not subject to objective evidence.

Of course, an agnostic person believes that truth is not only unknown, it is unknowable.  And a true agnostic, like a true atheist (both words are merely the negation of their positive sense), is a mythical being; agnosticism (or atheism) being merely a label claimed by intellectual cowards.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  After all, I make both agnostics and atheists, and, I might add, even a few gnostics.

Are you still with me? 

I hope so, because I want to bring your attention to a most interesting article that appeared this weekend in The Catholic Thing.  The article, written by Francis J. Beckwith, is entitled “Secular Gnositicism and The New York Times.”

Secular gnosticism?

Don’t you just love that term?  I do.  I wish I had thought of it!

And although I find Mr. Beckwith’s insight dangerous to my kingdom, I must say I’m flattered by his recognition of my complete religiousification of what remains of the world’s “secular” institutions.


Yes, religiousification: the increasingly religious nature and tenor of atheistic, aka secular, arguments in the world today.

Mr. Beckwith recognizes my handiwork, most recently in the past week, where “Bill Keller of the New York Times opined about the religious beliefs of several Republican presidential candidates, suggesting clusters of questions that he would like to ask each of them.”

Remember? I answered Mr. Keller’s “crude and uncharitable” questions in this post.

Mr. Beckwith takes issue with Mr. Keller’s sloppy work, including his lack of “serious preparation or journalistic curiosity.”

But what Mr. Beckwith notes in his piece is something I actually hoped no one would catch onto:

Lurking behind [Keller’s] clumsy queries is an intellectual posture I call “secular gnosticism.” It assumes a position of cultural privilege on what counts as knowledge and justified belief, though it is rarely doubted and thus rarely defended.

Secular gnosticism.  Rarely doubted and rarely defended.  Yes, that is the beauty of my religiousification on earth!  While theism is the default setting on the human soul, atheism is the default desire of the human heart. 

Everyone knows in his or her soul that God exists, but everyone wishes to live as if he doesn’t.

It’s the human condition.

And it’s because of me.

Thus theistic religious leanings have become the subject of suspicious scrutiny in the modern secular society, while atheistic religious leanings are given a pass.

As Mr. Beckwith puts it, with respect to the secular gnostics:

For that reason, its believers do not subject their position, its presuppositions, and its sources of authority to the sort of rigorous interrogation they suggest the beliefs, presuppositions, and sources of authority of religious believers should undergo.

Get it?  The modern secular gnostic “assumes a position of cultural privilege” on what counts as “justified belief” which is “rarely doubted.”

And what is the end result of this, my will on earth as it is in heaven?

I could not say it better than Mr. Beckwith:

For this reason, the Gnostics were, in a sense and ironically, invincibly ignorant. No amount of contrary evidence, philosophical argument, or Biblical exegesis can convince someone who has private, direct, incorrigible, and impenetrable acquaintance with The Truth.

Invincibly ignorant. 

I love it. 

And yes, my servants, you can congratulate me on this one.  Mr. Beckwith is right.  I’ve raised up a generation of secular religionists, whether they go by the name of atheist, agnostic, free-thinker or skeptic. 

But every one of them is nevertheless a religious person in the secular gnostic faith, a faith built upon each of their “special knowledge” of truth.

And I’ve made every one of them invincibly ignorant.

Don’t believe me?  Just try to convince one of them that God exists.  Use the clear evidence of creation.  Use the Bible.  Use whatever authority you have at hand, including the undeniable moral law written on their darkened hearts.

Wait.  What am I saying?

On second thought, don’t try to convince them.  Do not challenge them to think broadly and freely.

Because every once in a while, one actually escapes my clutches.

Because some are merely ignorant.

Satan Answers Mr. Keller’s Tough Questions.

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Oh yeah.

My my my.  Sometimes one of mine outdoes himself in his blind hatred of all things God (true God, that is).  Sometimes this servant of mine has a loud voice that gets heard by many, convinces a few, and pleases one. My my my.

When I saw Bill Keller’s article  in today’s New York Times entitled, “Asking Candidates Tougher Questions About Faith,” I must admit I was worried.  I thought it might be an exposé focusing on the atheistic faith of some politicians, the anti-Christian faith of others, or the general degradation of all things moral and upright by almost every politician.

But I suppose I should have known better.  After all, this showed up in my paper of record.  And it didn’t disappoint.

Yes, Mr. Keller dumped not on “faith” in general, a necessary element of anyone’s political worldview, but only on sincere God faith of the type expressed by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan.

I’m with Mr. Keller on this one, my friends.  There is nothing worse for my kingdom than a politician who has a sincere belief in God, and nothing better for my kingdom than a politician who has a professed, but clearly non-existent faith in God.

You will notice Mr. Keller has no problem with Mr. Obama’s faith.

Neither do I.

But consider the faith of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, or horror of horrors Rick Perry, and Mr. Keller begins asking the baited question, “Does it matter?”


For what?  For an ordered society where people can live freely in relative peace like they used to do when God was not banished from public discourse?

Yes, I suppose it does matter.

And to press his point, Mr. Keller sent a questionairre to suspect candidates to find out where they stand on questions he believes important.  The entire questionnaire can be found on The 6th Floor blog.  Just for fun, I have given my answers to his questions below.


1. Is it fair to question presidential candidates about details of their faith?

My answer:  Yes, of course.  Everyone has faith in something or someone, and the public has a right to know what or who is the object of one’s ultimate faith.  Obviously, it is that “something” or “someone” which/who will ultimately drive a politician’s policy choices.  I just hope that atheists, and practical atheists like most Democrats in the US don’t get questioned on this point.

2. Is it fair to question candidates about controversial remarks made by their pastors, mentors, close associates or thinkers whose books they recommend?

My answer: Yes, it is fair.  But the emphasis should always remain on “pastors” and not “thinkers” like Karl Marx,  Bill Ayers and others who espouse destructive ideas that I’ve miraculously made standard thought among the political elite, as well as the faculty of most college campuses.

3. (a) Do you agree with those religious leaders who say that America is a “Christian nation” or “Judeo-Christian nation?” (b) What does that mean in  practice?

My answer:  No. America used to be a Christian nation.  Of course it is not now.  In practice a Christian nation would not kill millions of babies for convenience, celebrate homosexuality as normal, or trash Biblical sexual morality (all three are intimately related).  A Christian nation would not ban Christmas displays, censor Christmas carols in public schools, fire teachers for reading Bibles at work, object to crosses in public places (whether inadvertent or purposeful), freak out over after-school bible studies, go spastic over graduation prayers, kow tow to imprisoned terrorists on religious grounds, sue every person for every Christian utterance made in public, or … well, you get the idea.

4. If you encounter a conflict between your faith and the Constitution and laws of the United States, how would you resolve it? Has that happened, in your experience?

My answer: I encounter conflicts all the time.  The Constitution was written based on an implicit faith in the God of the Bible–an obvious conflict for my purposes.  Fortunately, I resolve it by convincing many people that the Constitution is “living” and subject to change based on prevailing morals by consensus.  Does it seem like the time is right to make abortion a Constitutional right?  Then, by God moi, I make sure someone finds that right buried in that dadgum thing somewhere. 

5. (a) Would you have any hesitation about appointing a Muslim to the federal bench? (b) What about an atheist?

My answer: Moi?  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Of course not. 

6. Are Mormons Christians, in your view? Should the fact that Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are Mormons influence how we think of them as candidates?

My answer: No.  But Mormons can be just as damaging to my kingdom.  I hate Mormons almost as much as I hate Christians.

7. What do you think of  the evangelical Christian movement known as Dominionism and the idea that Christians, and only Christians, should hold dominion over the secular institutions of the earth?

My answer:  Frankly, that idea scares the . . . well, the . . . the heck out of me.  Fortunately, it will never happen, but I can use the notion to prey upon fears, just as I’ve done with Mr. Keller.  Question: Would Mr. Keller care if “Dominionism” was the idea that atheists, and only atheists, should hold dominion over “secular” institutions of the earth.  Why not?

8. (a) What is your attitude toward the theory of evolution? (b) Do you believe it should be taught in public schools?

My answer:  I LOVE the theory of evolution.  This theory has done more to advance my kingdom than any other in the history of the world.  Of course it should be taught in public schools, but not as Darwin presented it, a tentative scientific theory, but as dogmatic fact immune from criticism.  Darwin, a true scientist, included many reasonable scientific objections to his theory of descent with modification in his book Origin of Species.  I would not want students to know these objections, all of which continue as refutations to Darwin’s theory today.  One of my greatest lies on earth is that Darwinism is ironclad science and anyone who questions it is naïve at best, and evil at worst.  (Consider: Darwin’s own book, half of which contains scientific criticism of his theory, could not be taught in public schools today!  The criticisms are just as valid today, but they are not allowed to be taught. Darwin would likely abandon his theory based on them.)

9. Do you believe it is proper for teachers to lead students in prayer in public schools?

My answer:  Are you serious?  Of course not.  Unless, of course, the prayers are to an ungodly toy deity.

There you have it, my servants. 

I wonder how my answers would stack up against the politicians Mr. Keller opposes?

I wonder how my answers would stack up against the politicians Mr. Keller endorses?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

And Put on the Helmet of Damnation

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Have you heard about that Austrian dummkopf who convinced authorities to permit his driver’s license picture to include his religious headgear?  Yes, my servants.  You can read yesterday’s BBC article here about Niko Alm, atheist idiot, who claimed his atheistic religion of pastafarianism requires he wear a pasta strainer on his head.  Gute Arbeit, Helm Kopf!


Why, you ask, do you say he’s an idiot?

Isn’t he on your side? you ask.

My servants, come close.  I will impart some kingdom knowledge to you.  I trust that you will keep this confidential.  However, feel free to clue Mr. Alm into his naive foolishness.

As the BBC article notes:

A self-confessed atheist, Mr Alm says he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a light-hearted faith whose members call themselves pastafarians.

Have you heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  You haven’t?  Well let me clue you in.  The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was formed by a bunch of atheist fools who objected to the state of Kansas’ (USA) efforts teach the scientific truth about where atheists come from. 

Yes, at one point, it appeared the citizens of Kansas were on to my evolution lie and were going to let students in on the truth, which they called “intelligent design.”  Now, I’m no fan of truth, but the reaction of the atheist fools was an attempt at cleverness that threatens to backfire.  The atheist fools (OK, I’ll stop being redundant), the atheists wrote to the Kansas School Board asking for the “pastafarian” version of intelligent design to be taught to school children as an alternative to scientific intelligent design.

The central nondeity of the pastafarians is the flying spaghetti monster, an imaginary creature imagined by fools to be on par with God.  Adherents report sightings, provide propaganda, and actively proselytize.

And to remove all doubt about their cynical seriousness, the pastaheads state this on their website:

Whatever you decide, remember this: FSM is a real, legitimate religion, as much as any other.  The fact that many see this is as a satirical religion doesn’t change the fact that by any standard one can come up with, our religion is as legitimate as any other.  And that is the point.

Yes, that is the point, my servants.  It is the point at which this little prank stops being funny and starts to mightily threaten my kingdom.

How? You ask.

I’ll tell you.  And then I ask that each of you write to the Head Noodle and tell him to stop before he inadvertently poisons his own sauce.

Consider, my servants: What were the pastafarians objecting to in the first place?

Right!  They were objecting to the efforts of a religious group’s version of a creation story being taught to little chillens in Kansas.

And if the general public and the US courts ever catch on that pastafarianism is a religion, what does that mean for the current atheistic creation story taught to little chillens in Kansas?

Do you see my point?

No?  Oh, you of little fear.  How long must I put up with you?

Think:  The reason atheists object to intelligent design as an explanation for the origin of life is because even though it is it self-evidently true it also happens to be compatible with the Biblical creation story (for the most part).  And atheists hate God, hate the Bible, and ultimately hate Truth, so naturally they hate intelligent design.

And in the US the atheists have succeeded in convincing everyone to reject intelligent design in the public schools by trumpeting the sacred  “wall of separation of church and state” as forbidding any mingling of the Christian church and state. 

So far, so good.  But what happens, my servants, if people catch on that Darwinian evolution, which teaches that little chillens are the product of mindless, purposeless processes of nature, is the creation story of the religion of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?


Yes, my servants, now do you see?  The pastafarians are dangerously close to illustrating, even if in jest, that atheistic beliefs animate many, many religions in the US.  The Flying Spaghetti Monster may be intended to be a joke, but the truth they illustrate is far from funny.

Let me be plainly clear to even the fools who believe themselves wise: atheism is the theology of all manner of religions in the US, all of which hold Darwinian evolution to be their dogma of life’s existence. It is their creation story, and it is taught to school chillens every day.

So the dirty little secret is that there is no separation of church and state in the US.  There is only separation of theistic church and state.  Atheistic church and state are cozily intertwined at every level.

Atheists necessarily hold to Darwinian evolution (that is, they have no choice, regardless of the evidence).  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no basis for holding life sacred.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no reason but to celebrate sex as natural, whether it be between boyboys, girlgirls, and whether married or not.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists have no ultimate authority other than other men, so that government legitimately fulfills the role of provider and protector.  What is taught in public schools?

Atheists believe that people are ultimately good, and it is only society that makes them bad, so people are not to be blamed for their condition in life.  What is taught in public schools?

Get it now?

Yes, I know, my servants, I know.  That’s my point! 

As soon as people catch on that atheism is the theology of atheistic religions, they will realize that their little chillens are being indoctrinated in the dogmas of a religion every day, in the name of “secular” separation of church and state.

That’s why I’m very disappointed in the acts of atheist idiots like Mr. Alm.  He may think he’s funny, but I do not.  He just took one giant step toward the lid being blown of my “separation of church and state” ploy.

Atheist religions are just as much “churches” as theistic religions. 

Let’s hope the Americans never catch on.

Helmethead idiot!

More graduation prayers (to God) stopped!

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May I bask, my servants?  I won again.  For a moment can I share my pride with you and have you acknowledge once again my uncommon supremacy over common sense and common decency? 

I may?

Thank you. 

Coming off the heels of my last post, I read today of my servants once again displacing theistic religious practices with atheistic religious practices.  Only this time I got an American federal judge to not only stop the long tradition of prayers at a high school graduation; I got him to prevent the chillens from even hearing the word “invocation” or “benediction.” 

And all in the name of America’s love affair with all that is mine in the area of religion.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

The proof of my success can be found in a Reuters story entitled, “Prayers removed from Texas public school graduation.”  District Judge Fred Beiry ruled that even using words like ‘invocation” and “benediction” would make it sound like the public school is “sponsoring a religion.” 

Aided by the Americans United for Separation of Theistic Church from Atheistic State, chief servant Fred even ruled that students could not say “God bless you” during the ceremony.

Bless you, Fred.

Hey, Judge Fred, a question.  Does ensuring no prayer or God-talk make it sound like the school is sponsoring a belief system that treats God as if he does not exist?  Maybe, say, an atheistic religion?

If you answer no, then you have bought my “religion only means ‘God'” lie, and are ignorant of your own legal system’s use of the term “religion.” 

Of course, the whole de-Godding of Castroville’s (no kidding — that’s the name!) Medina Valley High School was caused by one parent, who threatened that their little tender-ears, thin-skinned, helpless, hopeless son “might” not participate in the graduation if he were forced to participate in theistic religious activities.  Apparently he can only bear to participate in atheistic religious activities.

So must everyone else, thanks to Tender-Ears.

Atheism for all because of atheism for one.

I might make that my motto.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Tender-Ears and my hapless servant Fred.

Ahhh.  Basking is good.

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