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Obama: Now I will pay for your sin

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Oh, I just might be able to retire, my friends.  Yes, retirement really never was on my mind for thousands of years, but this past week’s events in the United States [the last bastion of freedom in the world] has made me re-think my short term plans.  (My long term plans were set long ago, unfortunately.)

You see, my servants, the Obama administration has put my agenda on warp speed in forcing my will on earth as it is in Hell.

But even I had no idea that those Americans would ever reach a place where large numbers would reject a Savior’s payment for past sinful pleasures, and instead demand that a goverment pay for future sinful pleasures.

Payment for sin is exactly what the Obama administration demands in its new policies demanding that all employers, including those having a Biblically informed religious conscience, pay for the sin of its employees.

Imagine: a formerly Christian nation in which God’s remaining people are literally forced to pay for the sins of mine!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s a beautiful thing, my friends.  Can it get any better?

Well, yes, it can.

Let me explain.  I was just beaming this week, my friends, when at the National Prayer Breakfast (the what????) I saw my Self-righteous Servant Obama demand not only that taxes from the righteous should pay for the sin of heathens, but that his policy “as a Christian,” “coincides with Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.’ ”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seriously, now, my friends.  Do you know what I do to deceive people?

Yes, you do.  I misquote scripture, use scripture for nefarious purposes, and generally cause mass confusion and deception by picking and choosing among various scripture passages as proof texts.

Do you know how Obama deceives people?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Obama went on to emulate me by misquoting the “Golden Rule” this way, as reported at

“And I believe in God’s command to love thy neighbor as thyself. I know a version of that golden rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs.”

My friends, this is not the Golden Rule.

But who knows?

Apparently very few.  And when few know scripture, anyone can use scripture for ungodly purposes.

You see, unlike Obama, my misquoting of scripture was met with a swift and certain “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

But who will stand up to Obama?

No, really, who?

Obama has mangled the Golden Rule in the past, and you can read over at the Ye Have Heard blog here.  Note Obama’s “subtle” but “significant” mangling of the Golden Rule as “treating others as they would treat me.”  (In reality, there was nothing subtle about it; the fact is Obama is scripture-illiterate and didn’t have a clue what he was saying.)  As noted by a reader:

The most succinct statement of the Golden Rule in the Bible is Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

There is a subtle, but rather significant, difference between saying “[I treat] others the way they would treat me” and “[I treat] others the way I would want them to treat me.”

But no matter; Obama believes that holy scripture is part of his playground for social and political engineering.  And to make matters better, his shameless select-a-scripture has revealed two great advances of my kingdom on earth.

First, I was thrilled by how much of the ensuing noise, smoke, and diatribification was directed at a “woman’s right to health care.”  For example, the always reliable Huffington Post ran a gem entitled “Students at Catholic Colleges Protest Lack of Access to Birth Control.”  The article summarizes an 18-year old student, Keely Monroe’s, life at Fordham University as:

Single, 18-year-old female, likes having control over her own body, looking for affordable birth control.

Yes, this is just an example of the genre of medianoisemachiniszation that framed the argument as “no insurance payment for birth control = robbing women of control,” i.e., taking away women’s control over their bodies.  That is, Ms. Keely believes that the good citizens of the United States should pay for her sinful bodily choices (which she apparently can’t control), and, if they refuse, she accuses them of robbing her of her bodily control.  Another student, Sandra Fluke went as far as to say that women enrolling in Catholic universities merely “expected women to be treated equally, to have their medical needs met.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Where are the sane Americans?

Where is someone to stand up and tell Ms. Keely and Ms. Sandra to stop begging for someone else’s money and control their own friggin’ bodies or go pay for their own damn birth control?

But already too many people agree with Ms. Keely and Ms. Sandra (and Mr. Obama) that it is the place of government to offer everything to everyone for free, including payment for sin.

Oh, I smell retirement now.

The second advance in my kingdom’s goals was revealed in a Daily Caller article on this topic, with the enlightening title, Southern  Baptist Convention’s Richard Land: ‘How dumb does [Obama] think we  are?’  Mr. Land’s question came after Obama, showing he really is my servant, offered an “adjustment” to the mandate that righteous people pay for the sins of others by shifting payment obligations from employers to insurance companies.

But the delightful question answers itself.

Obama does believe you are dumb.

And he has good reason.

Because, think about it, my servants, who can stop him?

Really, who can stop him?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Who can stop me?

Retirement, here I come!


Terrible News Tuesday (No. 3)

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Arizona (again)

What is it with Arizona, my servants?   Can none of you see the writing in the sand there?  Just last week, I wrote here about how troubling the Arizona legislature is to my kingdom.  And now, my servants, because of Arizona the US Supreme Court has ruled against me. 

Against me.  Can you believe it?

For my global servants, Arizona is a state in the United States known mainly for its desert landscapes, the Grand Canyon, scorching hot weather and eleven species of rattlesnakes.  But more importantly, recently Arizonans have started breaking down barriers, seeking to destroy many aspects of my kingdom on earth. 

And I want it stopped.  You, my servants, must take back control of Arizona, let we lose not only it, but the entire United States.

This time, as reported by Bill Mears in CNNs Belief Blog, I read that the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday tossed out a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s tax breaks for voluntary donations benefiting private school scholarships, many of them Christian-based.  The 13-year-old program provides dollar-for-dollar income tax credits for money given to “school tuition organizations,” or STOs.

According to CNNs blog,

Some Arizona taxpayers challenged the program as unconstitutional because, they say, not-for-profit religious organizations award most of the scholarships and require children to enroll in religious schools.


Those opponents said the state has effectively been funneling taxpayer money to religious schools through a third-party “front” group.

Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court, on which I generally sit as the tenth justice, saw this differently.  Someone was not listening. 

Seeing the issue as one of whether or not tax dollars given to support Godpunk schools is ultimately the government’s money or the individuals’, the Court came down on the side of individuals, stating:

“Awarding some citizens a tax credit allows other citizens to retain control over their own funds in accordance with their own consciences. Private citizens created private STOs; STOs choose beneficiary schools; and taxpayers then contribute to STOs.”

Now, my servants, this dissapoints me. 

My only consolation is that the amount of money in question is a pittance, a reflection of my continued involvement in public institutions, especially educational institutions.  Arizona parents can receive a whopping $500 credit off their state income taxes for contributions to school tuition organizations. 

Big whoop.

Five hundred dollars?  My servants spend ten times that amount per student to educate the little chillens in my kingdom ways. 

You see, my servants, let me impart some kingdom knowledge.  Please, if anyone is in the room wait until he or she leaves before scrolling down any further.   Go check your email, “like” or “friend” me on Facebook, and order my fascinating ebook, and then, if you are alone, continue reading.

Here is the little secret no one fully realizes yet: Arizona tax dollars already fund religious schools.  The public schools of Arizona, just like all public schools in the United States, teach and indoctrinate students in the religion of naturalism, best known, perhaps, as Secular Humanism.  Naturalism holds that there is no true God, that we were created by mindless, unguided, purposeless processes of Darwinian evolution, that morality is relative to the individual, and traditional religion has no legitimate place in public discourse.

Sound familiar? 

The question, then, my servants, is not whether US taxpayers will fund religious education, but which religion will be favored.

The irony is that the same US Supreme Court that wrings its 18 hands in angst over whether a mere pittance can go to support a Christian school is the same Court that recognizes Secular Humanism as a religion, but has no problem with literally millions of tax dollars a day going to promulgate its tenets.

Blindness and confusion on the proper definition and treatment of “religion”: it is one of my greatest lies and one of my greatest achievements, my servants.

Yes, I’m that good.

But that is why I’m distressed at Arizona’s belligerence here.  It is only a matter of time, if this trend continues, that education in America spins completely out of my control.  And that will be a sad day indeed.

Of course, I still have people like Justice Elena Kagan on the US Supreme Court.  You know what she said in writing the dissenting opinion in this case?  Here is how CNN reports it:

In dissent, Justice Elena Kagan said the majority “betrays” the vision of the nation’s founders on the separation of church and state.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wow!  What Supreme ignorance!  To have a Supreme Court justice actually believe that the US’s founders believed in a “separation” of church and state of the sort that would render Arizona’s law unconstitutional makes me beam with pride.

Would she be thinking about the nation’s founders who oversaw the first public schools which used as the primary (and in many instances only) text the Bible?

Would she be thinking about the nation’s founders who started the (current) Ivy League universities with the express purpose to train up preachers of the gospel?

Would she be thinking about George Washington (just to pick a representative out of many possibilities), who started his first inauguration speech like this:

“Such being the impressions under which I have – in obedience to the public summons – repaired to [arrived at] the present station, it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being Who rules over the universe, Who presides in the councils of nations, and Whose providential aids can supply every human defect – that His benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the people of the United States a government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes.”

Would she be thinking about the members of Congress, who, after George Washington’s preachy inauguration speech, marched with him in a procession to St. Paul’s Church for Divine Service (demanded by law passed by Congress).

As reported here,

The very first inauguration – conducted under the watchful eye of those who had framed our government and written its Constitution – incorporated numerous religious activities and expressions. That first inauguration set the constitutional precedent for all other inaugurations; and the activities from that original inauguration that have been repeated in whole or part in every subsequent inauguration.

Until the present, that is.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Those Americans and their “separation of church and state.” 

I just hope Arizona crookeds up.

I hate to see my religious monopoly end.

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