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I’m Having Issues…

Posted in terrorism on July 23, 2012 by The Temptress

My most abhorant and worshipful Master,

I usually would not confront you in such a public forum in front of lowly human sheeple.  Normally we would have a secret meeting and we would ‘hash’ things out between you and me.

And usually, I would TRY not to confront you very often anyway because normally we are on the same page, right?


What the heaven are you trying to prove by inspiring some gunman to reveal so many of our intentions in such an obvious fashion by shooting a bunch of kids in a movie theater??

I was going about my usual business, trying to slyly seduce those young uns’ with some soft porn previews.  You know, so that when they left the theater, at least they had some nice images in their heads to add to all the other ones… the slow, wide road… you know… remember that?!

Now everyone, even our media, is calling this an “evil act.”  EVIL?!  Do we want people walking around talking about you?  Talking about evil?  Putting two and two together and figuring out that a culture of death where we can (hee hee) kill children in the womb leads to open killing with no remorse of the already born??!!  Do we want people to wake up to truth?  Because that’s what it looks like to ME.  Please explain…

(Ahem.)  Well, I am afraid my pride gets the better of me, my Master.  But I will not ask for your forgiveness.  Because you don’t offer that sort of thing anyway.

But it’s looking like we are a kindgom divided.  And I need some comfort.  Please… I beg of you… comfort me, Master.  I am beyond distress over this obvious revelation of our plan to destroy humans, and then the subsequent “forgiving and love” (blecchhh!) going on by victims… and all this “God” talk.

Oh, DO comfort me and tell me we are winning SOMEwhere…



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