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US Air Force Academy Flyin’ Low

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There are few universities in the United States where the name of God is held in anything but ridicule.  God, I’m proud to say, is a has-been, a memory from yesteryear, a time long, long ago before science made smart men, and smart men made wise men, and wise men forgot God.  What a wonderful world I’ve created not only ex nihilo, but from an opposite world, like pulling victory out of the Lions own mouth of defeat.

Among the few university holdouts to my will on earth have always been the American military academies, those bastions of discipline and integrity, where those in charge know the world is not a chalkboard for theorizing, but a battlefield for defending, physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. 

For years even I thought the military academies might be a lost cause for my kingdom.

But never fear, my servants.  I never tire.  And I’m proud to announce today what I’ve kept quiet for some time now.  As Fox News reports in an article entitled, “US Air Force Academy Plans Worship Area for Earth-Centered Religions,” the “U.S. Air Force Academy is in the final stages of planning a worship area for followers of Earth-centered religions, including Wicca and Druidism, near its landmark chapel.

Did you get that, my servants?  Wicca and Druidism will now have a place to practice their “earth-centered religions.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I won!

Do you know what we call Wiccans and Druids down here?

Future tenants.

I love Wiccans and Druids.  I’ve written about Wiccans here, and Druids here.  The Wiccans disappoint me because they say they don’t believe in me, but I’ll still welcome them home some day.  And both “earth-centered religions”  please me by focusing on creation rather than the creator.  As I’ve said:

I absolutely love it when one created being looks plainly at the invisible qualities of the creator, but nevertheless refuses to give thanks, and his or her heart becomes darkened.  I see it first hand every day, and it warms my darkened heartless soul.  The pattern is repeated over and over:  claiming to be wise, the religionists I love exchange the glory of the immortal one I hate for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.  (Reptiles are the best.)

The Air Force is calling this circle of rocks a “chapel” called Falcon Circle.  According to the Air Force Academy website, Falcon Circle was dedicated today:

The Falcon Circle came into existence through the efforts of a former cadet wing chaplain, Chap. William Ziegler and former Earth-Centered Spirituality Faith Group leader, Tech Sgt. Brandon Longcrier, who is currently deployed.

Earth-Centered Spirituality Faith Group?  Really?  Is that a mishmash of post-modern mushy feelgood nonsense, or what?  What kind of “spirit” and what kind of “faith” my friend?  I got news for you — the earth has no spirit, and absent God there is no faith to form a group around. 

But, who am I to judge?  Listen to this claptrap (you will have to smile with me on this one):

“Through Sergeant Longcrier’s dedication and commitment and the help and support of the U.S. Air Force, cadets of our faith group and kindred souls have a place to worship and commune with the divine in this beautiful, natural setting, “said Dr. Oringderff.

Kindred souls?  Commune with the divine?  Um, Wiccans and Druids don’t believe in a divine.  And although they probably don’t know it, if the earth is all there is, they also don’t have souls.  But, of course, they have merely bought into my lie; in their heart they know they have souls, and their souls have some connection to the Divine. 

Do you know what we call those who reject the plain evidence of souls and the Divine to whom souls owe an eternal responsibility?

Future tenants.

Of course, not everyone is as pleased a Dr. Oringderff and I over the stone circle at the Air Force Academy.  According to the Fox News article:

Father Jonathan Morris calls the decision, “politically correct cowardice by bumbling bureaucrats,” adding, “behind the smoke and mirrors of the supposed high demand for ‘Earth worship prayer circles’ is a small group of activist atheists in America who seek first to water-down and then to abolish the name and face of God from the public square.”

And who’s behind the small group of atheist activists?

Ha ha ha ha ha.


Say it ain’t so, Wiccans

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You’re killing me, Wiccans. 

Here I am, down here, observing how well you serve me.  I know you don’t like to be seen as “witches” like most westerners envision them, but you are as pagan as they come.  And you represent Wicca, one of the religions I truly support.  I do approve of most religions; in fact, I don’t disapprove entirely of any but one.  But Wicca? The Craft? The Old Religion?  You folks are pegged right at the top of my favs list, right there with secular humanism, which doesn’t express nearly your flair for Godless living.

But, I read this report in Yahoo! news, entitled, “What’s Witchcraft? 6 Misconceptions about Wiccans,” and I just had to vent a bit.

Look, I can understand your wishing to clear the record in light of the recent news of Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell’s admission to dabbling in witchcraft.  I, like you, know what it’s like to have to straighten out misconceptions.  So I totally get your recent reaction to current events.  But do you have to diss me in the process?  Really? 

Look, I’ll level with you.  I resent your making a big deal about not worshipping the devil.  First, you really do worship me; you just don’t know it.  If you aren’t against me, you’re for me.  You are always doing someone’s will.  Got it?  But what really burns me up is your statement that you “do not believe in the devil.”

Don’t believe in the devil? Me?

How can this be?  You say you believe in “many gods and goddesses” (citing “Essential Wicca” (The Crossing Press, 2001)).  How can it be that you believe in many gods, but you don’t believe in me?  Aren’t you being a little selective in your religious beliefs?  Have you ever seen a god or goddess? What evidence can you proffer for your selective beliefs?  Or is your religion just a feel-good religion like almost all the others?

I got one thing to say to you Wiccans: the truth is not changed by your beliefs. 

Your website says to me: “Your views and interests are just as valid as anyone else’s.”  Really?  My view (and interest) is that you are going to Hell.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

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