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Hating God: It never goes out of style

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I Hate God.

My servants, I must say I’m in a deliciously good mood today.  Reading of my peeps on earth exhibiting depraved minds, usually in tandem with insolent arrogance, just perks me right up.  So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce a book by a Mr. Bernard Schweizer called, “Hating God: The Untold Story of Misotheism.” 

Although not himself a misotheist, Schweizer looks at men and women who are, that is, people who do not question God’s existence, but deny that he is merciful, competent, or good, and otherwise live in senseless, faithless, ruthless pursuit of my kingdom. 

Schweizer shows how misotheists go atheists one better, recognizing (like I do) that God certainly exists, but he exists to be rebelled against.  I’ll bet most of them even disobey their parents.

Yes, my friends, I’m assigning required reading today.  Found at Religion Dispatches, in an article entitled “Hating God: The Untold Story,” Mr. Schweizer introduces his readers to those brave souls who, unlike atheists, hold to “an even more rebellious concept of religious dissent: misotheism.”

Believing that atheists cannot hate God because “one cannot hate that which does not exist,” Schweizer highlights those who believe the wiser path on earth is to acknowledge the obvious, that God exists, but act like puffed-up men and women who stupidly belittle God as stupid.  Or, as he explains misotheism in contrast to atheism:

“Misotheism is a different kettle of fish. In fact, it may well turn out to be more threatening to the pious than atheism because misotheism makes the radically subversive claim that there is a God but that he is malevolent or at least incompetent, indifferent—in any case not worshipful.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.  Yes, that’s my lie.  Someone, or something, will always be worshipped.  The worldly wise path is to worship created things rather than the Creator, who, by the way, is said to be “praised forever.”  Blechhhh!

What if “forever” includes right now?

Reviving a “rarely used term—“misotheism”—to capture just this sort of antagonistic religious belief (“misos” meaning hatred in Greek and “theos” God),” Schweizer describes “a paradoxical religious phenomenon—people who cannot disbelieve and yet find that God is cruel, indifferent or incompetent.”

Now, my servants, here is kingdom knowledge:  there is no paradox.  A proper understanding of God and history leads one to a proper understanding of the human condition.  Thanks to me (you’re welcome!), humans are born hating God. 

Therefore hating God is the default human condition, and those who believe themselves big and brave to reject the remedy and choose pride in their fallen, blinded position merely perpetuate foolishness into eventual destruction. 

Misotheist, then, is just another name for unregenerated human, who in his or her unrepentant state can be accurately described this way:

“They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.”

How do I know?

Because that is the way God describes God haters.  And by definition no one knows God haters better than God.  Right?

God speaks of those who know he exists, but do not glorify him as God nor give thanks to him, so their thinking becomes futile and their foolish hearts darkened.  These people, God says, claim to be wise, but are fools, just like atheists. 

I love the irony of my lies fulfilled on earth.  Here we have mere men who believe they boldly live a novel approach to relationship with God, and yet they actually live in their default, factory condition, as described by God in his word hundreds of years ago.  Believing themselves avant-garde over cowardly atheists (who are fools), misotheists merely remain on a different path to destruction (and are also fools).

And I’m the one keeping them in blind conformance to a fallen creation, captive to the lie that their condition is hopeless.

And here’s another thing, my servants:  misotheism is only an “untold story” to the ignorant.  In fact, it is the told story of the Bible, God’s story (history), and I am the original misotheist. 

I, my servants, am God Hater One.

And through all history, I have been leading as many captive fools as I can down my path of deception to sure destruction.  I relish men on earth who with boastful denunciations poke little man-sticks in God’s eye , or nails in his hand, or spears in his side. 

Irreverence in any form on earth is my will on earth.  And seeing my gladness work God’s sadness energizes me to ensure that those who have escaped my plan don’t spring any more captives free.

And as long as men are ignorant of who and what they are, my job is half done.  And while my servants did not invent God-hating, they please me greatly by arrogantly believing they did, and then going about inventing new ways of doing evil.

And I get to watch their thinking become more futile and their foolish hearts get darker.

It’s a beautiful thing!


My Captive, My Captive

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Can I brag for a moment?

Of course I can.  And I will.  Let me share with you an example of my great success in making captives to my kingdom of lies.  I spread lies throughout the earth and rely on smart people to swallow them and propagate them.  Recently one of my swallowers peered out of his mindcell and propagated my lies almost perfectly to anyone willing to read his regurgitation.

The article forwarded to me by friends on earth comes from the UK’s Guardian, in an essay by Jesse Bering entitled, “We are programmed to believe in a god.”

The title alone sent chills of satisfaction up my spine.  “Programmed?” I thought.  Doesn’t a program require a programmer?  Of course it does, if language means anything.  But to think that my servants can be blinded to such simple linguistic necessities and readers can believe lies in spite of clearly contradictory evidence makes me a proud daddy.

But I digress.

My servant Bering is a smart psychologist smugly answering the question Is God a human instinct?  His conclusion, which flows predictably and inexorably from a lie-constrained mind like a senseless river constrained by banks permitting no other path: “It is instinctive for us to seek a grand, moralistic mind that is not there. God is the default stance.”

I love it.  But more importantly to my kingdom goals is Bering’s lackadaisical attitude toward the question of God at all.  He uses big boy words to mask his lie-induced captivity as enlightened discourse in the quote below, but let’s consider it together:

Not only do I find the latter ontological question rather dull, but I also start with the assumption – because there is simply no good scientific reason to assume otherwise – that these things do not exist. In my view, atheism is an essential starting point for the psychological scientist, because it enables us to examine the more intriguing and, more importantly, empirical question of why the human mind is so easily seduced by a ubiquitous set of unnecessarily complex claims.

Translation:  I find the question of God’s existence dull because I see no good evidence to assume God does exist.  Because I’m so smart to to see this, I am an atheist captivated (!) by the question of why so many dumb people are fooled (!) into believing in a God, who I can’t believe in.

Swallowed. Propagated.

Ha ha ha ha ha. 

Bering believes my lies!  No good reason to assume otherwise

I’ll even wager Bering is so blind I can risk losing him to truth with this question:  Why is there something instead of nothing?

Ha ha ha ha ha.  (My guess: Bering doesn’t even get the import of my question. Lies blinding minds to truth is my specialty).

Better question:  Why is Bering’s question even a question?  Is his next brilliant essay going to address the question “Are unicorns a human instinct?”  or “Is Santa Clause a human instinct?” If not, why not?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

My prisons are chock full of dull men staring out through bars, each one imagining they are on the outside looking insightfully in at pitifully less-enlightened dullards inside.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jesus Seminar, Jesus who?

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My will is done best when cloaked in religous garb.  I make my greatest strides on earth by using those who have wandered from the truth, but who retain some vestige of “religion.”  My best servants look just like harmless little sheep. 

And while it’s not easy finding my religious-looking servants, my work to that end pays handsome dividends.  Let me illustrate by introducing one of my good buds who was in the news today, John Dominic Crossan. 

Mr. Crossan is the co-founder of one of my most effective organizations on earth, The Jesus Seminar.  I tried for ages to get people to believe Jesus didn’t exist.  But the evidence is just too great that he did.  So, I hit upon the next best thing: convince people that whoever Jesus is, he is NOT the Jesus in the Gospel accounts of the New Testament.  Genius!  Pure genius!

Yeah, Jesus existed, but he was just a dude like you and me.  Maybe more like me than you.  He didn’t do nothin’ too great, no miracles or nothin’.  And the resurrection?  Are you kidding, moron?  Could you do that?

All I had to do was find a suitable servant on earth to carry out my diabolically delicious idea.  I needed someone with some religiosity, maybe even a clergy credentials.  But I also needed someone who didn’t believe the Bible was the authoritative word of God.  So I went wandering among some liberal scholars, from whom I can almost always find a suitable vessel.   And I was not disappointed. 

I found my buddy Crossan, who is described in a recent article entitled, “Ten minutes with John Dominic Crossan,”  as “arguably the world’s foremost scholar of the historical Jesus.”  The foremost scholar?  And he doesn’t believe the Bible tells the truth?  Yes! Here was a man up to my task. 

And I’ve been basking in my glory since the Jesus Seminar’s first meeting twenty-five years ago.

In fact, I’m going to give John Dominic Crossan the first prestigious devilbloggger Fire Bug Award.  This award is given for meritorious work in the service of Satan’s kingdom.  Well done, Mr. Crossan.

You see, my servants, Crossan got together a group of very wise men to “decide on the historicity of the deeds and sayings of Jesus.”  And guess what they found?  Ha ha ha ha ha. 

I love it!  You know that Lord’s Prayer thing?  Our Father, who art in heaven . . . blah, blah, blah . . . ?  Well, guess what?  According to these smart men, Jesus said only the first two words: “Our Father.”  And then he stopped.  That’s it: Our Father, period.   Ha ha ha ha ha.   Are they not geniuses almost like me, or what?

Jesus: “OK, my disciples, you asked me to teach you to pray, so gather around.  Here goes, listen carefully: ‘Our Father’.”

Disciples:  “Got it.  Go on.”

Jesus:  “That’s it.  ‘Our Father’.  Pray that prayer regularly.”

Now, on the serious side, let me tell you, I remember that day the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  I was petrified.  Jesus was going to teach people to pray??  I was sure that was the beginning of my end, and prepared my troops for the worst.  And I heard Jesus utter every word of that prayer.  When he got to the part about “your will be done on earth as it is heaven, ” well, if I had a heart it would have sunk on the spot.  God’s will on earth?

“He’s doing it!” I screeched.  “Get ready for battle!”  And we did.

But, funny thing, they didn’t. 

At least not later on, they didn’t.  We found that once Jesus was gone very few of his disciples ever pray that prayer anymore, except in rote group recitals, in which everyone is concentrating on trying to remember the words.  Is that not wild? 

But back to my main man Crossan.  Not only did his exalted group use their superior human wisdom to determine that Jesus uttered only two words of the Lord’s Prayer, according to this, the Jesus Seminar also rejects as true the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the virgin birth, all of the miracles found in the Gospel accounts, and over 80% of the teachings normally attributed to Jesus.

Yes.  That’s my boy!  Does it get any worse than this?

My will on earth right before my eyes!  Oh, my servants, rejoice!

You go, Druids

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It’s about time. Let’s hear it:  DRU-IDS, DRU-IDS!

Those Druids, my good servants, have finally received some valuable recognition.  As reported in CNNs Belief Blog, in a piece entitled “Britain recognized Druidry as religion for the first time, give it charitable status,” we read that the Druids are finally recognized as a real religion in Great Britain.  And am I ever so proud; if I could be more full of pride than I am already, I would be now. 

Most people think I am against religion.  But that is a huge misunderstanding.  In fact, I LOVE all religions but one, and that one I’ve been largely successful in marginalizing in the West.  That leaves all the other religions of the world, including the Druids, on my “good” list.  Of course, I would rather that people ignore any and all religion altogether, but if you have to get sucked into one, go with Druidry.

Here’s why.  In the CNN Belief Blog we read:

Britain recognized Druidry, an ancient belief that worships deities that take different forms in nature, as a religion for the first time and gave it charitable status on Saturday.

Pay attention; this is a key to recognizing a religion of which I approve: the worship of the created as “deities in nature.”  I absolutely love it when one created being looks plainly at the invisible qualities of the creator, but nevertheless refuses to give thanks, and his or her heart becomes darkened.  I see it first hand every day, and it warms my darkened heartless soul.  The pattern is repeated over and over:  claiming to be wise, the religionists I love exchange the glory of the immortal one I hate for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.  (Reptiles are the best.)

So if you are weak, and must involve yourself with a religion, go with Druidry.  You will please me in spite of your weakness.

My will on earth: may the next hundred years be easier than the last.

Your moral code is out of date

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Now we’re talkin’ . . .

I wish more people would take up my cause like Yaron Brook and Onkar Ghate did here.

Nice work guys.  You are exactly right that we live in a new world now, unlike the old days that were ruled by “alleged supernatural” forces.  Ha Ha Ha.  I love it . . . “alleged” supernatural forces.

You are so wise in recognizing that human progress demands implementation of a “third idea” (in addition to those that drove science and industry): a new ethics.  You ask why your kind’s (earthlings) moral heros continue to be people like Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa.  Good question!  You say our moral heros should be Galileo, Darwin (yes! I love Darwin), Thomas Edison, or John D. Rockefeller.

My buds Yaron and Onkar rightly say:

Although few of us would turn to the Old Testament or the Quran to determine the age of the Earth, too many of us still turn obediently to these books (or their secular copies) as authorities about morality. We learn therein the moral superiority of faith to reason and collective sacrifice to personal profit.

Yes, monetary profit.  Monetary profit!  MONETARY PROFIT should drive your actions.  Let selfishness run amok in your lives.  I love it and you please me greatly if you do my will on this pont.  

Make morality about (as my servants Yaron and Ontak rightly suggest) the pursuit of your own success and happiness. 

I agree.  Go in disharmony.  You please me greatly.

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