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Obama is NOT a Muslim! You MUST believe me and help me convince others!

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False. Religion.

Listen, my servant friends.  There is a story on the wires that worries me.  It was published today in the LA Times, in an article entitled, “Poll: Obama’s a Muslim to many GOP voters in Alabama, Mississippi.”  Yes, my friends, many people think that Obama is truly a Muslim!  We must stop this nonsense.  This is one time when you must believe me.  (Really!!)

Let me explain.

Keep in mind that this is very confidentialistic–please treat it as such.  Here it is: Obama isn’t anything but a politicoreligisopportunistika.  That is, he has no core beliefs on ultimate issues of truth, but he will say or do anything of a religious nature for political reasons.

Obama is not unusual among politicians in this regard, but the difference between Obama and virtually every other US president is that Obama continues to push MY kingdom to levels even I would never have imagined in America’s old-fashioned Christian days.

Could you have predicted under any other president that a 30-year old woman would shamelessly and publicly go before the United States Congress and ask for free birth control pills?  I’m not sure who makes me the most proud, the hussy or the hustled.  But just imagine the Congress under any other administration listening to such embarrassing, brazen, shameless talk from a proudly loose woman on behalf of an entire Catholic university of openly loose women.

My how I’ve changed things when it’s a compliment to say about women that they have a “reputation.”   And Obama wants his girls to grow up just as proud of their reputation as he wants this woman’s parents to be of their daughter’s.  He said so.


And Americans sit back and yawn, or argue over religious rights versus women’s rights.

Pinch me!

We’ve come a long way, baby!

That’s why this talk of Obama being a Muslim must stop.  Because the only reason I’ve successfully pushed America so far toward the abyss that hardly any Americans get embarrassed at hussies hustling them for handouts, is because Obama does not act like a Christian!

Got it?  Regardless of whether Obama is truly a Muslim or not, he clearly, by his actions, is not a Christian.

And that’s all I care about.

I don’t care what people say they are.  Half the people in Hell say they were Christians.  Big deal.  They didn’t act like it.

And Obama, because he has no core values beyond those of a socialistic worldview, will, if pushed, shamelessly act like a Christian.  And if Obama starts acting like a Christian, my kingdom on earth will suffer.

And I don’t like to suffer.

So here’s what I want you to do, my servants.  At every chance you get, battle the rumors that Obama is a Muslim.  Refute those who base their judgments on what he does, and not what he says!  Make up excuses for his associations, his childhood experiences, his clear affinity for Muslim culture and beliefs, his barely veiled antipathy toward Christianity and Christians.

Because if we can’t convince people Obama is not a Muslim simply because he acts like one, then Obama, being the smart tool he is, will start acting like a Christian.

And I hate those who act like Christians.


Images from The People’s Cube, a must-visit website.  Go there.  Now.


Does God = Allah?

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God = Allah

A great lie here, my servants.  My great lie.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yes, I love the Huffington Post’s religion section.  It represents the pinnacle of my post-modern “you have your truth, I have mine” approach to religion.

In today’s article by Miroslav Volf, entitled Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God, Miroslav perpetuates the post-modern myth that two conflicting truth claims can both be true.

God = Allah?  Can you guess where good ol’ Miroslav comes out?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Miroslav says of Yahweh, the God of the Bible, and Allah, the God of the Quaran:

“The two are one God, albeit differently understood.”

Differently understood?  Like an apple is the same as an orange, just “differently understood”?

On what basis does Miroslav make his truth claim?  Merely because both Allah and Yahweh are called God and worshipped by many as God?

Hey, you know what?  On that logic, God and I are one God, just “differently understood.”

Why not?  Why can’t plain and clear differences in the nature of two beings be merely whisked away by a statement that the two are the same, but “differently understood”?

Hey, why don’t Muslims go to a local Baptist church?  If they worship the same God, they should feel comfortable worshiping in the same places with their fellow worshipers?  Right?

The God of Christianity, my servants, the God who created you and me, is a triune Godhead, of which Jesus Christ is one person, equally God of Gods, who said, “before Abraham was I AM.”

Is this the God of Muslims?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Believe it, my servants. 

If Allah = God “differently understood” then there’s no logical reason to deny I = God, “differently understood.”

If you deny that, then plainly you “don’t understand.”

See how post-modern denial of the law of noncontradiction can lead to comforting but deadly thoughts?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

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